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production equipment, according to a report from the international chemical weapons watchdog. the u.n. is satisfied declared production - mixing and filling equipment - has been eliminated. live to istanbul. omar al saleh has more on this from istanbul. this coming ahead of a deadline set by the u.n. >> yes, that's true. basically it says that syria did need that deadline. now the opcw said that its inspectors visited 21 sites out of the 23 sites declared by syria. it said the other two sites were too dangerous to visit, but they were confident and satisfied with the removal of the equipment and it was brought to the inspectors and they oversaw the destruction of aerial bombs, war heads, as well as all the mixing and filling equipment. now this brings us to the end of phase one, and two, which was meant to end by november 1st. after november 1st it will be the start of the more important phase and it's phase 3. that phase will last until the end of june next year and involves the u.n. mission support to monitor, verify all the destruction complex weapons which is estimated to be aroun
, the nerve agent, and mustard gas. the interesting bit of this is that the u.n. or the opcw have no mandate to carry out the destruction and, therefore, it's highly probable that a u.n. member state will have to provide technical and operational assistance in destroying that. >> that being the case, there's always been this concern that the opcw won't be able to meet the deadlines to destroy all the chemical weapons. given that they have met this deadline, are they optimistic to meet the next few deadlines? >> yes, well, when you spoke to the officials from the opcw, they will say they are very optimistic about the phase that is completed - 1 and 2. if you remember the secretary-general of the united nations, when he was outlining the whole plan for the joint u.n.-opcw, he said the most challenging part is phase 3. that is the coming phase, if you will - destroying the stockpile. we have to remember all of this is based on what the syrian government declared. now, we don't know if the opcw has its own information that contradicts what syria declared - that's one. and probably there will be
it today. it's part of syria's agreement with the u.n. to destroy all chemical facilities and weapons by mid-2014. we'll have more on syria, later in the program. china demanded an explanation today after reports that u.s. and australian embassies are being used as hubs for electronic spying. an account in the "sydney morning herald" said the intelligence collection is happening across southeast asia. in beijing, a foreign ministry spokeswoman delivered her government's reaction. we demand they abide by international convention and don't engage in actions that hurt china's national security and interest. >> woodruff: separately, the union representing german journalists advised its members to stop using google and yahoo, after reports that u.s. and british intelligence have tapped their data centers. we'll have more on the ongoing storm over surveillance, right after the news summary. kenya struck back today at militants in somalia who attacked a shopping mall in nairobi last month. the kenyan military said warplanes bombed and destroyed a training camp used by the islamist group al-s
as well as l u b n a to please come on up and receive and just again, thank you very much for your work in the film festival and l u b n a for the wonderful leader ship that you have and devise that you are giving to he to run a vibrant culture center and i hopey that you are able to get a larger cultural center is because the population is going and i hopey that we are able to get you a larger cultural center and get you the resources that you need to run the cultural and art programs and so on behalf of the city l u b n a and jeff this is our arab heritage month celebration proclimation. (applause). and go giants: enjoy everybody.. >> thank you mr. mayor. (applause). . >> yeah, mayorly thank you very much for the letting us use your house here tonight and letting -- we really appreciate it we know that you ran from the game to get here and so we really appreciate your commitment to our community and we are happy that you are here to celebrate this momentous day with us. we have an awesome community here, we are here to celebrate the awesomeness of our community the dedication of
joins us from the u.n. help me sort through the issues. the chemical weapons inspectors finished the first phase of the job. what comes next? >> well, they did this ahead of schedule, they had a deadline for 1 november to stop all the production facilities of chemical weapons, and make it impossible for syria to produce any more chemical weapons. that has been done. i think the - those involved, the u.n. and the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons believe it really has been done, and they are happy. in many ways that is the easy part, tony. the more difficult part is all of those chemical weapons that they have. that is 1,000 metric tonnes of chemical weapons - war heads, munitio munitions, sarin, mustard gas - they have to find a way of getting the munitions and probably taking them out of syria and destroying them. the problem at the moment is they don't have a country that wants to do that job, that wants to host the deconstruction, destruction of the chemical weapons. >> so, james, look, we have a situation here - there was a lot of testimony on krill about s
keeping the u.s.a. safe. >> that might be the way that the n.s.a. has skirted around these issues, because they are in lock step with g.c.h.q. they worked well in hand, the two of them. there are an awful lot of monitoring stations here in the u.k., one run by the n.s.a. itself up in yorkshire. it's said to be the largest facility in minwith hill, the largest in europe. the g.c.h.q. and n.s.a. work hand-in-glove together and have a special relationship and share intelligence, so maybe it's not the n.s.a. monitoring american citizens, maybe it's the g.c.h.q. and they can do it under british law, so a little bit of a roundabout way of doing things, phil. >> again, phil ittner joining us from london on these exclusive documents obtained by aljazeera. >> edward snowden has a new job, his lawyer said he has found a tech support job. he has been living in the former soviet republic since august. the lawyer didn't name the company. he is set to start tomorrow. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> president obama
's director is denying the allegations. a diplomatic push is underway to end the war in syria. a u.n. special representative meets with ser vinnie president in an attempt to get him to participate in peace talks. >>> the red sox are world champions. >> for the first time in more than 90 years the boston red sox win the world series in front of the hometown faithful at fenway. ♪ ♪ >>> welcome to al jazerra america, i am stephanie sy. nearly a month after the roll out the government's health care website is still causing headaches for people who are unable to sign up for coverage. president obama is on the defensive and his health secretary has apologized, mike sresreuviqueira is in washingtoh the story. >> reporter: the website launch was called a did he back the. but the president went on offense defending the new health care law and drawing parallels with another high-profile launch that had its share of problems. before there was obama care, there was romney care. the massachusetts law that was a model for the affordable care act, visiting boston, president obama says the comparison sti
threatened to veto any resolution authorizing force at the u.n. security council, military action seemed any further off. >> the security council has to be brought in. >> reporter: stepping back a bit. obama decided to ask congress to approve the use of military force against syria. but that plan changed when, in september, u.s. secretary of state john kerry made an off the cuff comment saying if syria gave up its chemical weapons then military action could be avoided. something the russians jumped at and that led to a plan to eliminate syria's chemical weapons. based on that agreement, the global chemical weapons watchdog set deadlines for syria's disarmer. and sent weapons inspectors in. syria has now met two deadlines in that process. last week the syrian government submitted a plan outlining how it will destroy its chemical weapons reserves. on thursday, a day before the deadline, it's a announced that syria has functionally destroyed the equipment it needs to create new chemical weapons. the next deadline is the middle of this month with syria's formal plan will need to be approved by t
me on twitter @bonnieerbe. from pregnancy to sexism. a new ad campaign launched this week by u.n. women reveals that despite decades of global advancement, sexism and discrimination against women is still rampant worldwide. u.n. women hired an ad agency to conduct google searches on phrases such as "women should" and "women can't." the search engine's autocomplete function generated phrases such as "women should be slaves," "should not work", "cannot drive" and need to be controlled. the ads display the most popular responses over the mouths of women, showing in graphic form how women are silenced by gender bias. the united nations organization's officials believe this is proof it needs to continue making the case. for gender empowerment and equality. so marjorie clifton what about this campaign, do you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's very telling what bing and google and other great search engines allow removing the human hand to sort of see in a very analytical way what humans and what people are actually doing online without having intervention. what we're seeing is th
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, of course, would contradict the foreign office statement to the u.n. ben emerson, that hundreds were kill. he was later told that that figure was an underestimate, that the casualty figure was in the thousands. the report is seen as highly contradictory because there have been a number of attacks. casualties are confirmed to be civilians. 80 civilians were killed at a funeral procession in 2009. over 40 tribal chief taps were killed -- chief tans were killed in another attack. reports are contradictory, and likely to raise eyebrows. >> people in afghanistan still have several months to go until polling day. already there are concerns about election fraud. the last presidential vote was marred by widespread corruption. al jazeera uncovered evidence that next year's election could be compromised. jennifer glass reports. >> what you are looking at are counterfeit voter cards. in afghanistan people are worried they can be used in upcoming presidential elections. al jazeera travelled in the east, where the cards were on sale for $5-$10. they can be used to cast a vote. you can bias many as you
be a crucial moment in the rebellion of the democratic republic of congo. government fighters backed by the u.n. have retaken the town of boone the gun appeared that happened the same day of the and m23 rebels. the fall comes a day of the un's peacekeeping mission there. it signals a military end of m 23. leaders stops arriving -- top surviving leaders refuse to admit yields at the end of their two-year trial. it is been billed as the chance for reconciliation. prosecutors are demanding life imprisonment for brother number two and ex head of state for the field everilling atrocities which leapt up to 2 million dead in the 1970's. their defiance angered be victims of the brutal regime. bad news for the euro zone -- the unemployment rate at 12.2% for two months in a row. that is a new record. 60,000 europeans lost their jobs last month alone, but when it comes to inflation, that hit a four-year low dropping below 1% . french mobile players are threatening to go on strike. they say they could cancel matches after the last weekend in november over plans for a new super tax on the wealthiest people
will text message u.n. is done. >> excellent and really looking forward to it. >> today we're going to make the san francisco classic dish invented by italian and portuguese fishermen. it'll be like a nice spaghetti sauce. then we will put in the fish soup. the last thing is the dungeon as crab, let it all blend together. it will be delicious. when i could, i will try to make healthy meals with fresh ingredients, whatever is in season and local. those juicy, fresh tomatoes will take about an hour to cook down into a nice sauce. this is a good time to make our fish stock. we will take a step that seems like trash and boil it up in water and make a delicious and they speed up my parents were great clerics, and we had wonderful food. family dinners are very important. any chance you can sit down together and have a meal together, it is great communal atmosphere. one of the things i like the most is the opportunity to be creative. hello. anybody with sets their mind to it can cut. always nice to start chopping some vegetables and x and the delicious. all this double in view is this broth with g
're standing across from a revitalized u.n. plaza with hope in our heart from a city that leads in the art and cultures. and jeff was really a wonderful supporter >> it's my worst nightmare i'm following kari and this is exciting for any donor that's how i felt about bringing this to market street to advance k c e t for new works in collaboration of after the fits with the possibilities of the central corridor. arts transforms neighborhoods especially at night. in the case of k c e t and our master students brings tremendous energy through this door. ac ta inefficient taken the lead in market street focusing on smaller arts organizations. mayor lee our support and enthusiasm is sincere and it makes you a nature leader of this awesome city (clapping) >> having been under no circumstances on the ac t board with 10 years i can speak with authority about caring kari. in this fast lane makes her mind race faster. i'm honored now in my captain of chair of the capital campaign to nouns some fun stuff it's 32 1/2 millions and we've received many million dollars in new tax credits we've raised $1
, especially from from europe.t -- kuwait hosted the u.n. appeal conference last january and has itself contributed a little more than $300 million. notably, russia and china have contributed very small amounts. asre is a goal, especially we look at the extraordinary needs that continue to amount -- bring as many people into the financing of this humanitarian effort as possible. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> senator rubio. >> let me begin before i ask my questions -- i don't want the tone of my questions or direction in any way not to reflect on my admiration for your service to our country. and not only that, where you have shown consistent interest in the syrian people. but we have a chance to ask a question about the strategy. let me begin with something i think i know the answer to. you have referred repeatedly how the future of the syrian people belongs to the syrian people. whatou also believe that happens there is in our vital national interest. senator, just the fact that syria has the risk of destabilizing the region and become a base for terrorism, absolutely. >> i just want
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the opposition. james bays says they are on the way to trying to end the civil war. >> the u.n. special representative lakhdar brahimi meeting with syria's president bashar al-assad - part of efforts to organise a peace conference after more than 2.5 years of bloodshed. his mission is proving difficult. assad's government says it will go to the geneva conference, but behind the scenes it's believed to be setting all sorts of conditions. and the syrian opposition is deeply divided over even whether to attend. >> we don't see anything encouraging, and that would lead us to leave that this is - in fact the other side is serious. you hear from many of our groups statements questioning the process. as we said before, we are committed to any political solution leading to the democratic transition. >> there is a date set for the peace talks - november the 22nd. will they take place? what do you think now are the chances of getting the peace conference under way in november. >> there's only two ways of ending the conflict. one is military victory, and the other is to have a negotiated process
the allegations. a diplomatic push is underway to end the war in syria. a u.n. special representative meets with ser vinnie president in an attempt to get him to participate in peace talks. >>> the red sox
report. once again, the treasury stops short of labelling china a manipulator. it says the u.n. is still undervalued, but recent appreciation is for the economy. it says the country's dependance on exports is hurting economic stability in europe and the global economy. the treasury says germany should focus more on boosting domestic growth. >>> as for the agenda today, stateside weekly jobless claims are out at 8:30 eastern. 10:00 a.m., we get the october chicago pmi. conco philips and exxon mobil report before the opening bell. reporting earnings in europe, french based profits tumbling in the third quarter as european refining margins remain an issue. expectations on the rise in tokyo, comparing $400 million compared to the previous year. the stock at the moment is down 1% in paris. royal dutch shell third quarter profits coming in below estimates as refining margins and disruption necessary nigeria take their toll. the cfo says recent moves underline the company's commitment to shareholder returns. that shell stock, though, down pretty big 5% in london trade. jason gammel, head of oil
the nsa to curtail eavesdropping within the u.n. headquarters. >> elizabeth prann live in washington, thanks. >> an announcement expected in the case of kendrick johnson. the 17-year-old who was found dead inside of a rolled up gym matt. new surveillance shows the day he died in january. that might prompt officials into reclassifying his death and allowing a new investigation into what happened. they said it is a freak accident but his family insisted it was murder. >> no bail yet for michael skakel. he was given a new trial after spending a decade in prison for the murder of teenager martha moxley. the defense team asked the judge to release him on bond pending a new trial. the judge said it is not clear if he is entitled to bail. they are asking both sides to submit arguments. >> 19-year-old max wade is found guilty of stealing the lamborghini. it was stolen in 2011 after under going maintenance. he could face 30 years in prison. >> the city council overwhelmingly voted to raise the tobacco purchasing age under federal law no one under 18 can buy tobacco in the u.s. even higher min
warehouses u.n. inspectors need to visit. since the gas attack that killed 1,000 civilians, troops have continued their offensive retaking territory. regime troops have the upper hand in terms of air force. the opposition relies increasingly on those a broad fighting to turn syria into an islamic state. so far a peace conference between the sides has failed multiple times. since the syrian government agreed to give up their chemical weapons in return for a u.s. guarantee not to bomb, the international community has done virtually nothing about the continuing blood bath. they're taking this as a green light to kill as many people as they like so long as it's within conventionalle -- convention pl not chemical weapons. >>> long after wars and land mines remain still able to turn a landscape into a potential killing field. douglas kennedy looks at a remarkable way to combat the dangerous enemy. >> i was in the front seat. legs were angled to the right. feet were destroyed that the moment. >> in december, 1993, ken was on a mission when his jeep ran over a land mine leaving him without the
chemical weapons. the move is one part of the deal approved by the u.n. security council last month. more jef refugees finding themss stranded on the syrian side of the border amnesty international says there are indication that his jordan and several other countries are closing check points without notice. jordan, lebanon, turkey, iraq and egypt are dealing with a gained total of more than 2 million syrian refugees. iraq's mime minister says terrorists got a second chance to thrive in iraq because of syria's civil war, told an audienn
in the presence of the u.n. speech outlining the strategy, he was clear our strategic core interests for which we go to war include free flow of oil to the persian gulf. there's no lessening of that commitment. similarly strategy on terror networks, saudi arabia. similarly focuses on maintaining allies and alliances, which include saudi arabia. there's less change that meets the eye. what hasn't been done. i think this is where they do deserve to be faulted is the communication of that strategy privacy leaders are not surprised or blind-sided. zo much surprise of friends and allies in the last few months and not enough quiet consultation and warning. >> what about surprise to cabinet members? one of the things about the strategic review that is clear, it's a white house review, not interagency. secretary of state is only consulted after the fact not during. let me ask briefly about the nsa story breaking, based on edward snowden leaks, foreign to foreign intelligence, nsa and british allies, british intelligence services are scooping up metadata, not specific content of e-mails and telephone call
is staggering. according to a recent u.n. report, in the two years of conflict, syria has lost 35 years of human development progress. ,ith the 2 million refugees this is a national crisis that has become a regional crisis about putting serious strains on neighboring countries. there is a toll on the syrian people, the kids who have not gone to school for two years, women who've endured rape and abuse, and the 5 million displaced syrians who do not have a place to live or enough to eat. at the crisis has escalated, we have accelerated a response, and our assistance is now reaching about 4.2 million people inside syria, and we are helping to support 2 million refugees. the same stubborn challenges that i talked about seven months ago, access, security, and resources, continued to prevent us and others from reaching everybody who needs help to get continues toed escalate. in early october, field by the momentum of the resolution to eliminate the chemical weapons, un security council unanimously passed a presidential statement on humanitarian access. this statement urges all parties to the conflict
. >>> and breaking news right now, from the middle east, u.n. inspectors have just reported that syria has now destroyed all of its chemical weapon production equipment. that's one day ahead of the deadline. but the country still has roughly 1,000 tons of chemical weapons, including mustard gas and sarin. it has until the middle of next year to destroy those weapons. >>> and troubling statements about the economy. the federal reserve is keeping its economic stimulus program in place for now. that means, printing more money to keep interest rates low. because it says the housing recovery is now starting to slow down, jobs are still not being created quickly enough. however, the fed is not saying just how long the stimulus will last. that uncertainty could hurt stocks on wall street today. >>> speaking of, a rollercoaster ride for facebook. its stocks soared after the company reported big profits. then, sank after the company revealed a drop in the number of teenagers using the site. >>> and a police officer in milwaukee survived this chase. you're going to see, it came to a terrifying end. the
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in the united states that's authorized under u.s. law where the government and n.s.a. can approach companies and compel them with a court order to hand over details about specific individuals in their emails. this is a much more in discriminate approach. >> it just looks like it's just spiraling out of control, the whole spying allegation. why do you think they feel there's a need to go outside of the u.s.? >> well, it's interesting, because there are laws in the u.s. that restrict the kinds of things these intelligence agencies do, like going outside the u.s., they are not subject to u.s. law, so we don't know exactly where the documents do not specify where the points at which these -- the data's being vacuumed up are, but they're outside the united states, so the agency doesn't have to comply with u.s. law. the agency said it is doing everything in order to obtain valuable intelligence about the hostile entities, and that it is not trying to get around u.s. law. the companies themselves are very angry, google said it's outraged that needs for urgent reforms are necessary and going to beef
selección mexicana contra finlandia en este duelo de preparación para los mexicanos para el repechaje contra nueva zelanda rumbo a brasil. >>> específicamente para finlandia para su eliminatoria de u21 de la uefa porque tienen partido contra inglaterra que es el líder de su grupo, así que con esa intención, también lo toma el equipo de vaaskelainen. >>> miguel layún, balón con francisco rodríguez, el árbitro ve su reloj a ver si alcanza para otra, paul aguilar, apoyo en el negro medina le dieron a aguilar, el árbitro silba el final del primer tiempo, rafa márquez al 10, carlos el gullit peña al 23 y jarkko hurme para el méxico 2, finlandia 1, no se vayan ya regresamos ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪ voy, luchando en esta vida ♪ no me detienen las heridas ♪ porque peleo con honor ♪ mi alma no serÁ rendida. ♪ ♪ que no vez que llevo dentro ♪ el espÍritu de un leÓn ♪ ♪ y es que ya ha llegado el momento ♪ ♪ de vencer y salir a brillar. ♪ y es que no hay mejor ♪ sentimiento que ganar ♪ vamos amor con valor ♪ hasta tocar el sol que el cielo ♪ ♪ no tiene lu
that the shutdown cost, amnesty international's condemnation of u.s. drone strikes, or reports of the n.s.a. spying on the german government. while, on the right there are shiny spinny diamonds. all right, here we go. this is always a tough choice. i got to catch those diamonds! ha ha! (buzzer sounding). oh (bleep)! (laughter) i lost again! we'll be right back. come on! yfg÷dbd1l >> stephen: my guest tonight detected an early detection test for pancreatic cancer while still in high school. tonight he's sitting at the cool kids' table. tonight please welcome jack andraka! (cheers and applause) hey, jack, nice to meet you! sit down, sit down. nice to have you on. this is a fantastic story. let me explain a little bit to the people who you are and what you did. you're the 2012 intel science fair-- which is a national science fair, right? >> international. >> stephen: my apologies. international science fair. you kicked a little international butt in this one. grand prize winnings scientist at age 16, right? (cheers and applause) explain to the good people what your invention did? >> so essentially w
Éctrica, despuÉs de las tormentas de esta noche >>> y mhuchos llaman heroÍna a u una mujer pocÍa huispanen t texas ,despuÉs de reciir dos dipssd disparos uno de ellos en la car se metio en la apapatrulla y i persiguiÓ a los soschosos. >>> vanessa hauc cuenta n los l detalles en laistoria. >>> estas son imÁgenes de una e persecuciÓn a alta velocidad, ro nadiemagina que la aofio oficial al volante tbesta heri a herida, la poicÍa hispana de 40 aÑos de ed recibiÓ dos balaos ,pero aÚn no asasÍ no dudÓn p u rseguir a sus agore. >>> ella fue boxeadora, sirviÓ en lmarina y el aÑo pasado fue nombrada como la mejor oficial d del ptartamento la oficial se acercÓ a un auto con 3 hombres a bordo. >>> penso Ó que su vida corri l peligro y mitos desÉs el p pasajero le disparÓ. >>> la ocial fue imctada dos veces, priero en el rostro yu dd despuÉs en el chaleco antibalas. >>> ro no se dio por vencida, les disparÓ despuÉs les peri perisperis peiguÓ por 2millas hasta llar a houston, en ecamino la oficial pedia refuerzos y o confriraba que estaba conciente. >>> ggracias a su valtia
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's been in pushing back of these stories based on the leaks, specifically n.s.a. chief keith alexander denied the "washington post" report which claimed that the u.s. government is using some kind of secret back door or back doors to routinely scoop up millions of communication records from users of yahoo! and google. alexander made point of saying that n.s.a. does get information from those internet search companies but only through court orders. >> pelley: bob orr in our washington newsroom. thank you, bob. in egypt, a top leader of the muslim brotherhood was arrested today by the military government, it's part of the crackdown on brotherhood which advocates a strict islamic government. he went in to hiding when the military ousted president muhammad morsi. since then islamic militants have stepped up attacks on christians and clarissa ward is in cairo with that. >> reporter: in a packed church in a poor cairo neighborhood, the mourners grieve for their dead. five christians mowed down by mass gunmen has they arrived for a wedding. he lost two of his grand daughters in the attack. ma
. the american phone records allowed the n.s.a. to determine that a u.s. phone was used to contact an individual associated with this terrorist organization. i'm appreciative that the n.s.a. was able to apprehend this individual, but it does not provide overwhelming evidence that this program is necessary. as senator rod wyden from oregon noted, the n.s.a. could have gotten a court order to get the phone records in question. so, in essence, congress has authorized a program that invades the privacy of millions of americans with little to show for it. the results simply do not justify this massive invasion of our privacy. that is why i want to end bulk collection practices authorized under section 215 of the patriot act and i join senator leahy to introduce a bipartisan, bicameral u.s.a. freedom afnlg . this legislation, among other things, will rein in the dragnet collection of data by the national security agency. it will stop the bulk collection of americans' communications records by ending the authorization provided by section 215 of the patriot act. some in this chamber will argue that this
on or are financially secure. and this is according to the u.s. census bureau. so, if you've ever worried about money, or you're n where you want to be financially right now, then you have to make a change. you have to step outside of your comfort zone, learn something new that can help you get to your financial goals and help you live a life you've always dreamed of. the reality is, if you keep doing what you're doing right now, you're gonna have another year next year like you had this year. however, if you want a different year, a better year, more time for your family, more time for yourself, just a better life overall, then you need a specific plan and system to get you there. that's why you have to pick up the phone. make your guaranteed reservation for this educational event and attend so you can better understand this opportunity. put the power in your hands and start taking control of your own life financially. >> shawn and i attended than's event a year ago, and we were pretty much novices when it came to real estate. the way that our business has been growing, i'll be able to quit my regul
that no one's hands are clean and that the u-s not only spies on its allies. but its meanwhile, intel chiefs denied reports of n-s-a surveillance on millions of calls in france and spain. the head of the n-s-a told lawmakers that a sweep on phone records overseas was carried out by european governments, not the u-s. a senate committee will hear testimony on the federal background check process in the aftermath of a deadly shooting at the washington navy yard. federal officials including the acting director of the office of personnel management are expected to appear. the committee is examining the process of background checks and security clearances following the sept. 16 shooting in which former navy reservist aaron alexis killed 12 people before being shot and killed by police. the shooting raised questions of how alexis was able to obtain and hold onto a security clearance despite past brushes with the law and concerns about his mental health. president obama dealing with the fallout the affordable care act's enrollment problems. speaking from boston, the president said he's not happy nei
stations that the u.s. lived in on the private phone of germany's chancellor angela merkel, but in an emotional opening statement where he spoke as he said from the heart general alexander explained his view that n sa counter terror efforts are keeping america safe. >> let me give you thoughts here. i think this is important for our country to think about this. if you look at the trends in the ct arena in 2012 it was the highest globally it has been ever, over 15,000 people killed. in just this last month , 2,336 people were killed, 1510 injured in pakistan, afghanistan, syria, iraq and nigeria, yet there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. they didn't stop hating us. they didn't say they were going to just forgive this. they continuing to try. it is the great members of the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement, that have stood up and said this is our job. and we do it with our partners and our allies. and it has been a great partnership. >> while members on both political sides of the house intelligence committee ex
called s.n.a.p., has increased dramatically. more than 21 million people have been added to the program. one in four of all u.s. children live in a home that gets food stamps and so do more than 900,000 veterans. republicans largely voted against extending the increase in food stamp benefits but here's an interesting twist. the white house is also to blame for some of the program cuts. president obama borrowed money from s.n.a.p. to pay for a portion of the first lady's anti-obesity campaign and he was perhaps naively counting on congress to refund the money he took away. cnn's rosa flores has more. >> reporter: it sounded like a great idea when it was launched. a program aimed in part at making school lunches healthier. >> we're determined to finally take on one of the most serious threats to their future and that's the epidemic of childhood obesity. >> reporter: but to fund that war on obesity, the white house borrowed money from the war on hunger. >> some of the funding comes from rolling back a temporary increase in food stamp benefits or s.n.a.p. as it's now called starting in the
today, pursuing reports that the n.s.a. monitored chancellor angela merkel's cellphone. and in madrid, spanish prime minister mariano rajoy went before his parliament to address allegations that spain, too, was a target of u.s. surveillance. >> ( translated ): the key is to clarify what happened and generate confidence because without that, it is very difficult to work for the rights, liberties and security of our citizens. i hope we will get this. we have already requested the appearance of the head of spain's intelligence services and he will appear in this chamber as soon as possible. >> ifill: the government of china also weighed in, announcing today it will strengthen information security, to guard against outside surveillance. chinese police say they've arrested five people in a suicide car crash this week in beijing. on monday, an s.u.v. sped down a crowded sidewalk and exploded into flames across from tiananmen square at the entrance to the forbidden city. five people died. scores were hurt. state television today identified the suspects as ethnic uighurs, a restive muslim min
triumphant goodness of humanity. my mother was a registered nurse, and my father, who served in the u.s. army dental corp., was also for over 20 years president of the n -- naacp for the state of illinois. he worked actively in the signing of the civil rights act in 1964. in he could see me here today testifying in front of the united states senate, he would be beaming with pride and amazed at how far his daughter had come until he came to understand what brought me here. i appear before you because my son jordan was shot and killed last november while sitting in the backseat of a friend's car listening to loud music. the man who killed him opened fire on four unarmed teenagers, even as they tried to move out of harm's way. that man was em empowered by the stand your ground statute. i'm here to tell you there was no ground to stand. there was no threat. no one was trying to invade his home, his vehicle, nor threatened him or his family. there was a vociferous argument about music during which the accused, michael dunn, did not feel that he was treated with respect. you're not going talk to me
, senator. we have to find that balance between the civil liberties and privacies of a u.s. citizen versus national security interests. that's where we're doing it. i do not have, as a representative of d.n.i., the luxury of going into a social media or publicly available database, pull information out of there and submit it as being the truth. the government has a responsibility and obligation to the citizens to ensure that information is true and accurate before we use it in an adjudicated process. >> i know my time is up. i can tell you obviously when our teenagers go online and get important information on social media and that yet we're not going to use it to find out that someone is involved in something, i think that's -- that's a little hard to believe. we need to take a commonsense approach to this. so my time is up. i also think we need to have random checks on people instead of relying on their own self-reporting. >> senator. thank you. senator heitkamp. >> thank you. i think this is such a critically important response and quick response to this horrible tragedy and i hope that
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